JUNE 12, 1998
"Checked my mail coming home tonight from work. Got this big package that
had IMBA as return address and thought "my, what a big newsletter" and I was
really excited because I enjoy them so much. Imagine my surprise when I opened
it up and it was THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! Stood by my freezer, didn't even
take of my work boots and looked at it. It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Love it!"
Jackie Briscoe

JUNE 16, 1998
"I had a long, hard day at the office and felt quite jaded
as I drove home. I pulled into the carport and walked
down to the mail box at the other gateway into our property.
Lo and behold what did I find in the box? - Morab Moments.

I immediately flew up to the house, put the kettle on for a
cuppa, sat down and pulled my shoes off and unwrapped your package. For the
next half hour or so I flipped through your book. May I add you should feel justifiably
proud with your creation as I found the book to be quite fascinating. Am looking
forward to an enjoyable evening in front of the fire in my favorite
armchair where I can soak up all the information in Morab
Moments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Just could not wait to tell you I had received the book.
I shall review it for our (Australian ) Arabian Horse News Magazine
and take the book into the The Horseman's Trading Post
on Friday. Please send details of prices and where to
purchase the book for the Trading Post. Thank you so
much for forwarding the book to me as I can see it will be
a much read addition to my private library as well.
Kind regards,"
Sharon Meyers

JUNE 19, 1998
NATIONAL SPORTING LIBRARY – A Research Center For Horse And Field Sports;
"Dear Ms Tetervin: Thanks so much for donating a copy of Morab Moments,
the new book about the Morab (written) by Ted Luedke.
I was unaware of the book and am thrilled to add it to our collection,
as it is just the sort of unique resource that should be on the NSL shelves.
We are glad to have it."
Laura Rose - Librarian


AUGUST 1998 Issue
WESTERN HORSEMAN - A complete six page feature article from CuCullaine
starts on page 69 with special glimpses of Pinto on page 74 ("... fast becoming George's favorite mount."),
page 76 ("... the sturdy, 15-hand Morab, and by now the acknowledged favorite of the entire group",
and page 79 ("Pinto (The 15 hand, tough 900 pound Morab) was the only mount who had managed
to complete the entire grueling trip ... and became George's equine soulmate.")
Ted Luedke


DECEMBER 1998 Issue
    WESTERN HORSEMAN Magazine wrote - "Morab Moments: The Story of the Marvelous Morab,
compiled and written by Ted W. Luedke, documents the breed from 1855 to 1998, Influential bloodlines,
both Morgan and Arabian, are featured, along with the registry's history, top Morabs,
and Morab Breeders and competitors.  The appendices offer full information about
International Morab Registry programs and guidelines."
Western Horseman Staff


JUNE 4, 1999
I received the book. Thanks so much for bringing all this fascinating info together in a book.
It will be a treasured volume in my Morgan research collection.  Thanks also for
the inscription.  Makes my copy special!
Gail Perlee


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