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RV Katy

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On the lot at Campbell RV Trailers

We purchased our very first camping vehicle on
October 26, 2006,
a 36' 2003
Gulf Stream,
Prairie Schooner,
5th wheel trailer.


Our goal is to try out this type of travel to see if it suits us with some short trip excursions.  If it works out, we will plan a couple longer excursions.   And if that works out, maybe summer in Wisconsin, Spring & fall in Missouri, and the Texas Gulf in winter.  To soon to tell, but this is the very rough plan.


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Treasure Lake Resort
November 2006,
Our V
irgin Venture

We ran into RV'rs in Springfield that carried on about this private camping resort that we decided to make it our first adventure and sallied forth for four days and three nites at this gorgeous  Branson, MO park.

Branson is the live entertainment capitol of the world, but the best part was it was their annual 'Veterans Week' so there were thousands in town, ending with the Veterans Day parade on Saturday.

The park is member owned and out- standing.  We spent a lot of time checking it out, and also other parks in the Branson Area.   Outside the east edge is a subdivision of privately owned lots, Forest Park Estates.  The park belongs to Coast To Coast and Resort Parks Int.

Leveling was a bit of a problem but rectified quickly.  Sewer hook up took some time to get the connectors on the hose and hooked up.  The water hook up leaked both at the hydrant and the coach and did what I could but a permanent solution waited until our return home.  I added a quick connect right to the well used coach connector and now that does not leak.  Progress.

The TV did not bring in a thing with the coach antenna.  Talked with a number of campers and will take our DirecTV into the coach and get a portable dish/stand kit.  Special parts of TV are just to much a part of our day to abandon it completely ... FOX News, Mail Call and others ... and even a few programs on regular TV.

Signed up for a week of WyFi and used the new lap top with a small degree of proficiency.  Need to spend some time with it at home to gain a good familiarity.

Talked to lots of very nice and helpful people even thought the park attendance rapidly declines as members move south/west for the winter season.

All in all ... a good  Trial Run.  We later bought a membership.

Map Treasure Lake








Monte Ne camp A

Monte Ne B




May 2007,
Rogers, NW Arkansas

Deciding to put our ranch on the market and not knowing where we wanted to move to, we decided to check out NW AR.

The park we chose was the only one listed on the Coast To Coast web site for the area, and it turned out to be 'just acceptable'!  Full 50A hook up on an old gravel site was everything this old park could offer ... nothing else.  But that was OK for we were there only to sleep.

Mike, coworker with Katy in WI, had moved here 13 years ago and he and wife Lorraine became our exclusive tour guides and they made our stay.  We found a realtor, got some info and then toured from Bella Vista on the Missouri border, south through Bentonville and into Rogers (didn't make it to Fayetteville.  Excellent intro to the area and we were impressed with what we found.

All in all ... a great adventure and oh yes, we stayed at a camp ground.



Kamper Kampground 1Kamper Konnction 2

Kamper Kampground 1

Lake Lenwood 1Kamper Kampground 2

Lake Lenwood 4Lake Lenwood 7



West Bend, WI

This trip centered on my 50th Rufus King High School reunion in Milwaukee, WI and was extended to spend time with family and old friends and a trip to Waupacca, WI..

For the trip back to Milwaukee area we went right through Saint Louis on 44 to 55 and crossed the Mississippi .. a bit harrowing for this new pilot but shortest way.  We found an excellent mid trip campground alongside 55 in  Litchfield, IL, Kamper Kompanion.  Low rates, immaculate, level sites with full services including 50A.  Great owners ... we stopped there on the way back too.  Just the perfect mid trip evening stop over.  Can't say enough about it. (first 3 pictures) 

We chose Lake Lenwood not that it stood out above the rest but based on its looking a little better than just  three in the area just north of Milwaukee.  It caters to the Day Camper and summer long campers with nice lake front facilities, and the rules are so based.  Older campground, lots of woods, not level, close sites and you pay for electricity when you leave.  The owners are very, very touchy and seem to be looking for trouble in the questions you ask.

We were first put in an area where there was NO chance of a signal for DirecTV and then moved to a tight circle of campers who were working on building a new power plant in Port Washington.  Nice folks but we were in like sardines ... but an opening in the trees that did yield DTV. 

After a week I got so sick that we stayed an extra day there to rest but headed home, canceling the rest of our trip.



Beaver Lake


Rogers, NW Arkansas

Deciding on a 2nd trip to NW Arkansas to explore it as a possible place to move to.  We spent a week here to see how camping was in Federal Parks - and found a real treasure, while we explored.

We had driven through this Corps of Engineers (COE) park on our last trip and found it immaculate, very open, beautiful, carefully crafted and inviting. ... a pleasure to camp in.  It is one of several COE parks on the Beaver Lake complex formed by damming up the White River.  Another camper told us the area we were in was just upgraded 2 years earlier to 50A, water, large sites and paved roads. 

We had purchased a Senior Pass to federal recreation lands ($10 for lifetime pass) and we stayed for half of the normal charge (like $10 a day).  No sewer hook ups in the park, but very nice rest rooms and down by the beach a large facility that included showers.  No laundry facilities but plenty near by, as are LP places.  Being gone a lot and using the rest room we made it a week and then used the easy access dump site as we left the park.

It rained every evening but cleared for day tours of a list of real estate provided by our local broker.   We are finding our way around with surprising ease and exploring new areas is fun.  Can not say enough about the park ... as only federal dollars can construct.



Rockport 35Our RV

Dave & Sue

Pass the trashPass the trash2

Dave & SueDave Sue

5th street party5th street party

Boat treipPaws & Taws center



2007 & 2008

We decided to try spending a winter somewhere warmer than SW MO.  We searched the internet, and called a couple of places, centering on the Texas Gulf (FL to expensive and AZ to far).

In July we chose RV 35 because of the activities and put in a reservation for mid Nov through mid March.  We had two stops on the way - KOA in Ok and a new spot in Georgetown, TX (north of Austin).  , the latter because we wanted to take a couple of days to see the "Beautiful"  Texas Hill Country.

We made friends fast at RV 35, street parties, town of Goliad, Heron Park, boat trip, gambling, Lady Lexington and other places, things and events.  Eating ranks high, trips to Wally's and HEB (food chain) were frequent as only so much can be stored in an RV frig and pantry, but then we set out for the sights.

We had our ranch in Ava for sale for about 9 months and sure enough, it was January when we got a call from the realtor with a serious offer.  We had settled on Ozark and headed back to see what we could see.  Of 12 places we liked all but three failed tour drive by.  Checked them out, put in an offer and turned around and headed back to TX as a snow storm was dropping in from the west.

Back in sun country the time just flashed by and we knew we were hooked on this area.  This park is older, short sites, hard to work with owners and other negatives but the people were just outstanding so we decided to put money down for the following year and headed back to MO in April.


John & Barb, our Canadian friends from last winter, stopped early in November and we traveled together back to Rockport 35 RV Park.  Had a very nice winter ... but can not stand the owners so we put money down on another park.


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